Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

Past Commander’s Ball

November 1, 2014
by Norm Pranger

On November 1. 2014, three Caravan’s had a joint festive event to celebrate and pay tribute to the most recent Past Commanders at DeCarlo’s Banquet Center.  A grand time was had by all in attendance.  Thanks Cliff Dake for a job well done for Manresa Caravan, #217IMG_20141101_170804_102 tr IMG_20141101_170640_089 t IMG_20141101_214433_414 t IMG_20141101_214354_910 t IMG_20141101_211606_227 t IMG_20141101_211235_030 t IMG_20141101_211123_064 t IMG_20141101_211046_728 t IMG_20141101_210923_259 t IMG_20141101_205609_120 t IMG_20141101_205517_434 t IMG_20141101_205446_626 t IMG_20141101_203552_870 t IMG_20141101_193344_685 t IMG_20141101_193247_795 t IMG_20141101_192422_850 t IMG_20141101_192206_617 t IMG_20141101_192157_989 t IMG_20141101_185104_272 t IMG_20141101_184040_986 t IMG_20141101_183506_120 t.

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