Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan


January 11, 2015
by Norm Pranger

Alhambra Retreatants,


Just want to THANK all of you for attending the retreat at Manresa. The attached picture is from Historiographer Norm Pranger of Manresa Caravan (first timer) he has more pictures and getting them on our web site Monday or Tuesday. Bill Marchiori & Rich Sosin are not in the picture but were there Friday night. We had 19 Sir Nobles, plus two guest that sign up as Alhambra. There were 63 total for the weekend. Thanks George, Ed Peters, Phil, Mike and Rich for being Co-captains & Lieutenants.


Fr. Peter Fennessy, SJ was outstanding with his command of the English language and explanations of the art work during his exquisite presentation.

This was in the top two of my 37 retreats at Manresa. Really don’t remember the other one but it must be in there somewhere.


Hope to see more from Region VI next year, January 15, 16, 17, 2016. Just give me a call and we can pre-register you now. 

Our web site,  for more pictures after Norm sets it up. Thanks again Norm and all of you for coming.


Salaam & God Bless

Ken Kress

a IMG_5799 at seminar a IMG_5804 library 1 a IMG_5810 Outside Chapel a IMG_5797 Fr Peter Fennesey a IMG_5796 kggn a IMG_5791 chapel a IMG_5789 cave chapel  a IMG_5780 program 1 a IMG_5782 program 2a IMG_20150110_Plaque a IMG_20150110_181223 Dinner2 a IMG_20150110_181138_327 Dinner1 a IMG_20150110_164205_Generosity Prayer a IMG_20150110_091623_All Retreatants a IMG_20150110 stained glass windows a IMG_20150110 Lounge a IMG_20150109 typical room a IMG_5809 outside Stations a IMG_5806 Manresa Entrance


a IMG_6966 Alhambran Retreatants

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