Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

New 2015-2016 Grand Divan

October 21, 2015
by Norm Pranger

IMG_20151021_211542_706On Wednesday October 21,2015, an election was held for new Grand Divan for the 2015-2016 term.

Results are as follows:

Grand Commander  Jack Templin

Vice Grand Commander: John Vella

Grand Scribe: Mark Martel

Scribe of the Exchequer: John Engerson

Grand Chamberlain: Tom Kramarz

Master of the Oasis: Ed Skop

Historiographer: Norm Pranger

Master of the Wardrobe: Ed Carew

Captain of the Bodyguard: Ed Waldecker

Sentinel of the Tower: Bob Karlek

Sentinel of the Desert: Bill Brang

Grand Advocate: Ed Peters

Chaplain: Fr. Stan Tokarski

St. Francis Camp: Mike Depodesta


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