Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

2016 Shrine Circus

April 7, 2016
by Norm Pranger

This year’s Shrine Circus was held at a new venue, THE SUBURBAN SHOWPLACE.¬†¬†Although moving the circus to a later date at the new venue, the weather was still on the cold side.¬† Even though the weather was cold, it did not limit the smiles of the Circus patrons. IMG_20160407_112016562 tr IMG_20160407_112034634 tr IMG_20160407_112036672 tr IMG_20160407_112115470 tr IMG_20160407_112216866 tr IMG_20160407_112321344_tr IMG_20160407_122510682 tr IMG_20160407_122512311 tr IMG_20160407_124231417 tr IMG_20160407_124242884 tr IMG_20160407_131739912 tr IMG_20160407_131807389 tr IMG_20160407_145709383 tr IMG_20160407_145746905 tr IMG_20160407_145751092_tr IMG_20160407_150138696 tr IMG_20160407_095511273_tr IMG_20160407_101431800 tr IMG_20160407_102633950 tr IMG_20160407_102709238 tr l IMG_20160407_102720421_tr IMG_20160407_103005664_tr IMG_20160407_103452284 tr IMG_20160407_104443197_tr IMG_20160407_104835331 tr IMG_20160407_104956012 tr IMG_20160407_105017577 tr IMG_20160407_105050812 tr IMG_20160407_105135390 tr IMG_20160407_105247740 tr IMG_20160407_105501882_tr IMG_20160407_105505220 tr IMG_20160407_105921622_tr IMG_20160407_110124218 tr IMG_20160407_111247396 tr IMG_20160407_111540183 tr IMG_20160407_111550198 tr IMG_20160407_111620359_tr IMG_20160407_111751952 tr IMG_20160407_111843148 trIMG_20160407_150339646_Tr

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