Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

Supreme Chaplain Fr. Paul Ballien’s 50 Birthday Party

September 14, 2019
by Norm Pranger

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, approximately 225 patrons traveled to DeCarlo’s Banquet Hall in Warren, Michigan to celebrate our Supreme Chaplain’s 50th birthday.  The theme for the event was 1980’s attire and featured many dressed up in 1980’s garb.  What is 80’s garb? Some say it’s sweat pants. You be the judge.  The night also featured a live auction and a bead game where those so inclined would purchase a string of beads, then asked to stand and place their hands on their head, or on their tail. Fr. Paul would then flip a magical coin. If heads came up, those with their hands on their tail would sit down, continuing with additional coin flips until only one person remained.  ALL PROCEEDS PER FR. PAUL WAS DONATED TO ST. FRANCIS CAMP ON THE LAKE ! ! !




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