Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

3 Cedars Farm Hayride and BBQ for Cooke School

October 3, 2019
by Norm Pranger

On Thursday, October 3, 2019, 68 clients from Cooke School am ong others were treated to a hayride, BBQ, apple cider/cinnamon donuts, and a pumpkin. The weather was a bit wet but was actually dry for the hayride. This year, in anticipation of potentially wet conditions, the BBQ luncheon was in one of the barns on the complex instead of being under a tent.  The luncheon included, in addition to the cider/donuts, hot dogs, burgers, various sodas/water and chip like snacks. The event featured Fr. Paul as one of our Grillmasters.


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