Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

Manresa Caravan Fundraisers

With donating over $50,000 to the local community for the cognitively impaired. Manresa Caravan’s fundraising is a hands on effort.Thoughout the year Manresa members do canister drives, standing at local churches collecting donations. We also sponsor 4 Texas Hold’em tournaments.

Magna/Manresa Golf Outing

Manresa Caravan hosts an annual Golf Tournament at Meadowbrook Country Club in Northville.  With major sponsor Magna Seating of America, an innovative leader in the development and manufacture of high quality complete seating systems, provides a country club experience for over 150 golfer. This years golf-outing is September 10th.

Reverse Raffle

On the first Friday of October, Manresa and Sancho Caravan host a Reverse Raffle.  This 2014 Reverse Raffle is Friday, October 3rd at DeCarlo’s Banquet Center.

Texas Hold’em at Electric Stick

Manresa Caravan hosts Texas Hold’em at Electric Stick in Garden City a couple times a year. Dates change, but usually in June July and October. See you there!