Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

Manresa Caravan realized the pressing need for good housing for the developmentally disabled in southeastern Michigan.  With the closing of Our Lady of Providence, an institution for the developmentally disabled in Northville, MI, coupled with the closing of other state institutions, we learned that there can be a wait of up to twenty years for decent affordable housing! With this realization Manresa Caravan formed Manresa Alhambra House Inc. (MAHI). With help of material donations, money and labor from the membership, supplers, family and freinds, we are very proud of to be able to build two homes, the Dennis a Home in Romulus, MI. and the Ordono House in Pittsfield Township, MI. Manresa Caravan envisions building more housing to meet
this great need.

The MAHI Board members are

Edward J. Smith

Executive Vice-President
John R. “Jack” Templin

Robert E. Karlek

Kenneth L. Kress

Edward T. Peters

Dennis M. Barnes
Gregory O. Cameron
Clifton D. Dake
Milan R. Dockery
John H. Engerson
George Jagitsch
R. Pat O’Donnell
Cornelius P. Quinn
Edward P. Skop
Richard Tobis