Manresa Caravan #217 - Northville, Michigan

The International Order of Alhambra is a Catholic Fraternal Organization dedicated to assisting the developmentally disabled by retardation. In Southeastern Michigan and Ontario, there are 11 caravans (chapters) with approximately 600 members. We have clown units, an oriental band, drill team, mini-car group, and a color guard.  We are usually seen wearing our white fezzes.  We put smiles on the faces of “God’s Special People.”  We are a “Hands on Group.”

Michigan caravans own and operate St. Francis Camp, located in Michigan’s Irish Hills, where activities are tailored to provide a week of camping fun for our people.  The Alhambra in Michigan also owns and maintains a residential home, the Clarkston home, in Clarkston, MI.   Manresa Caravan owns and maintains two homes – the Denis A. Roux Home in Romulus, MI and the Ordono Home in Pittsfield Township, MI.  Manresa Caravan is a small but energetic group with over has 100 members, a diverse mixture of ages and experiences, all men (Sir Nobles) and women (Lady Nobles) working together for a great cause.